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Freedom Ride Redux: Driving With Lyall

Lyall Dennnison was born in Moree and lived there until he moved to Sydney at the age of 21 to work for the State Premier. At the evening concert in Moree, he approached students from the Freedom Ride and offered to show us around. After taking one carload around, Samantha Jonscher was lucky enough to get a spot in his second tour.

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Locked up on Racial Lines

In Orana Juvenile Justice Centre, 99% of the inmates are Aboriginal. Indigenous youths represent only 5% of young Australian people. Yet 39% of the young people in the juvenile justice system are Aboriginal. At the Centre, I heard some of the adults telling the kids not to waste their opportunities. But what opportunities are they…

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Things People Told Us

About five years ago they shut down MASH—Moree Aboriginal Sobriety House, no warning. It helped peoeple, I worked there for eight years as a councillor, black fellas used to come from all over the area for help. Now we have Ice, we need it more than ever. – Leah, Moree I work as a highschool…