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Uncle Makes Gradual Shift From Eccentric To Paranoid

Emma Balfour has made a gradual shift from niece who will receive an Easter Egg to niece who will not

Melanie Watkins, a local student, has re-examined the relationship she has with her Uncle Rick after a recent family group chat.

Uncle Rick was always the eccentric goofball at family gatherings, jumping into the pool with kids and pretending to be a Russian bear attacking them.

His house was always the best to have parties in because he was really into Feng Shui ever since he married a Malay woman.

Recent events have given Melanie cause for thought.

Melanie’s mother was sharing a vegetarian recipe to the family WeChat group when Rick made a comment about halal certification.

When pressed further about his comments, Uncle Rick said “I just think we should be careful.”

“It’s weird,” said Melanie. “When I was young I used to think he was hilarious when he made fun of Jesus and religion at family Christmas lunches, but now I’m starting to think he might just be a bit rude and crazy.”

“I just want my silly uncle back, not this weird dude who fetishizes Asian culture and loves 4chan.”

Uncle Rick could not be reached for comment as he was too busy frequenting /r/conspiracy.