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Mostly chairs in weird places

Sydney artist Belinda Anderson-Hunt has spent years collecting street portraits and interviews from local citizens of Sydney's Inner West.

1. “There’s always magpies here. I bring a little mince for them sometimes. This one takes food right out of my hand. I’ll take it home one day. No, I wouldn’t do that. magpies belong in the wild. I wouldn’t change that.”


2. “I work in that office. I was looking at this flower. It looks pretty from back here, but up close it’s all full of bugs. Haha. Well actually maybe that’s good. The bugs like the flowers. I don’t know. It’s nice weather today. It’s nice to get out. Even if I’m just looking at a flower.”


3. “We’ve all been drinking. They stress a lot and I guess it’s gotta come out somewhere. I’m just sick of being the mediator”.


4. “Life can be tough, but you really have to just love yourself sometimes. If I’m feeling bogged down, it’s because I haven’t eaten healthy or I’ve forgotten to exercise. A body is a temple and you have to keep it in good working order”.


5. “I have a big place in my heart for dogs. I can’t have my own, because I’m allergic. I like to imagine what it would be like to have one. Oh No! I couldn’t pat them. I’d die.”


6. “It’s street theatre. Out here. This is real life and we’re the observers as well as the participants. I’m watching myself watch the street and you’re watching me too, but I’m also watching you….do you know what I mean?”


7. “She won’t come inside. She’s upset, because I haven’t been able to give her the kind of attention she wants. Her Dad’s not around a lot and I’m left juggling everything. If I could, I’d be having a tantrum too.”


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8. “I’ve only been outside to take in the bins. I barely leave the house most days. I have big dreams though. I’m going to go to Ithaca one day. I hear it’s nice there.”