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Daniel Park is running as an independent candidate who centres his campaign on making USyd more fun and more inclusive. Drawing on his own experience as an expat, Park said he was motivated to run for the board because he has “always been surrounded by different cultures” and wants the university to be a vibrant space that reflects its diversity.

Zhang provided a strong voice for international students, and has clear lived experience in issues and barriers facing this community on campus. However, her policies lacked detail and she was unable to explain how they might come to fruition within the USU’s current structure and culture. Zhang’s foundational knowledge of the USU and the University writ large was also limited. 

Simon Homsany is running as an independent candidate on an “apolitical” campaign. When asked further about any past affiliations, Homsamy spoke to how his “politics are [his] policies.” He noted that his enthusiasm to join the board is derived solely from improving student experience.

Angus believes the USU is currently “extremely corporatised.” This has created an organisation that, according to Angus, “feels very big and really insular.” Angus intends to get to a point where students “actually want to interact with the USU,” by “giving students the pathway to do that”

Floyd comes to the board with a wealth of experience in student activism and government. He is currently serving as the SRC’s First Nations Officer and was elected as a councilor at the most recent election. His First Nations identity is central to his message. There has never been a First Nations Board Director and Floyd said his election would be “historic.” 

Naomi Viegas is running for USU Board as an independent candidate, possessing no past or current political or factional affiliations. While this means that Viegas is not bound by any factional directives, her institutional knowledge of the USU, as well as the USU’s political leanings and vision, were notably lacking.