Author: Zeina Khochaiche

Since its inception four weeks ago, the encampment has demanded that University management “meet with us and answer our demands”, but not “behind closed doors” or through “secret negotiations.” Last Friday, protestors’ attempts to stage a ‘town hall meeting’ was ignored by University management and transformed into a public  forum by guest speakers. At the time of writing, a petition launched by the encampment to hold a Student General Meeting with management is also 150 signatures away from meeting the 2,000 signature threshold. 

It seems when the Budget takes one step forward, the display of priority drags them many steps back. This Budget does not prioritise social reform, student poverty or welfare support, leaving vulnerable Australians who seek guidance or support during cost-of-living crises in a bottlenecked welfare system. 

Honi’s conversation with Pelican was an interesting change of pace to previous Spotlights. While sharing a desire to engage with their student community in a meaningful way, Pelican were hesitant to place their shortcomings on external factors. Instead they confessed a mission to cultivate student community as crucial to ever have a chance at combating the turbulence of student media.