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3 Times Queen Hillary Clinton Totally SLAYED The Middle East

Mary Ward and Victoria Zerbst support female leaders

  1. Hillary’s Death Squad #Goals

#tbt to 2011 when Hillary totally empowered foreign mercenaries in Libya. Those NATO-backed rebels killed it in Africa and DESTROYED former Gaddafi officials. #dronestrikeonpoint Slay, rebels. Slay.

  1. Two minutes into Benghazi & Chill and Hillary gives you that look.

Why did Hillz attack The Middle East? Because ISIS. And how hot did she look at that Benghazi hearing? More like Sex-retary of State. Slay. #ridewithhillary

  1. When Hillary looks after BAE *aka* Israel #sorrynotsorry

Girl knows how to pick her clique. Hillz is always up for dranks with and dnms with #netanyahu. #droppingtruths #droppingbombs. #Gaza. Slay. 

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The case for a low SES officer

There is one marginalised group lacking representation on the Student Representative Council.