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Chicho Gelato, Perth

Cool boy Aaron Chen reviews cool food

Cool boy Aaron Chen reviews cool food

Art by Ann Ding

I had to go to Perth on a plane last week. It was a cool thing to be able to do and I had lots of fun. But there were still drawbacks. The major one was that when I was in Perth, a band called Hinds  was in Sydney, and when I left Perth they played there. There was a tiny amount of time where we crossed over in Perth, but I would never be able to meet them. It was my last day in Perth and I was feeling pretty grim about that, walking around with my mates Sam, Tom, John and Sarah.

We just got a Tsar’s breakfast at Babushka. It had lots of protein, so that was definitely a positive. The spinach was well-wilted. Sarah is from London and wanted to get a “proper milkshake” so we crossed the road to get that. (Sarah was saying how Australia hardly has any proper milkshakes that were heaps thick and that. I agreed. I offered a McDonald’s thick shake, but she was like “Nah it’s shit.” I’m like “I love McDonald’s thick shakes.” She said she did too, but also it was a very specific mood you have to be in to have it. I agreed.)

So we went to go and get this milkshake. But then when we arrived there they were, Hinds the four-piece band from Spain. I wish I were lying but I’m not lying. They were standing outside eating their gelato. I was like so low-key about it like “omg (note the lower case). i love hinds.” and they were like “sick. thanks.” My friend Sam was like “Oh hey, I designed your poster when you came to Brisbane last time you were here.” The reason he said that was because he had designed their poster when they came to Brisbane the last time they were here.

They all had different gelatos. We may have all seemed very chill about it. The truth was I was very intimidated, the rumours are true…I was major-league star struck.

I didn’t get a gelato. 5 stars.

Hinds has finished their Australia tour.