#repselect Live Blog


Live updates on the 2016 SRC Reps Elect.

Honi Soit October 20, 201612:00 am

Two nominations for Student Housing Officers:

– Winston Ma, Ricardo Wu
– Connor Wherrett, Marcus Coleman
Paulene calls for a non cis male candidate – if none emerge then only one officer will be elected. Claudia Gulbansen-Diaz, Nicole Haggerty-Myers (sorry if spelling is wrong) are automatically elected.
There are two minutes remaining until midnight, when the meeting must close – we won’t get through everything tonight. One of the key positions we won’t see elected tonight are the six Directors of Student Publications who check Honi for defamation each week.
The second pair elected to Student Housing Officer is: Wherrett/Coleman.
That’s it for tonight! We’re outta here, thanks for reading
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:54 pm
Residential college officers automatically elected:
– Juliette (didn’t get last name)
– William Ryan & John Patrick Asimakis
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:53 pm
Two nominations for Refugee Rights officers, both are elected automatically:
– Kelton Muir
– Jess Whitehall and Caitlin McMenamin
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:51 pm

Interfaith Officers are automatically elected. I couldn’t hear who they were.

Social Justice Officers next. The following nominees are automatically elected:
– Adam Ursino and Edward Bruce
– Kimberly Murphy and Michelle Picone
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:44 pm

2 nominations for Mature Age Students officer:

– Andrea Zephyr
– Cameron Hawkins
Paulene assures us they meet the requirements. Interfaith is next.
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