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Live updates on the 2016 SRC Reps Elect.

Honi Soit October 20, 201612:00 am

Two nominations for Student Housing Officers:

– Winston Ma, Ricardo Wu
– Connor Wherrett, Marcus Coleman
Paulene calls for a non cis male candidate – if none emerge then only one officer will be elected. Claudia Gulbansen-Diaz, Nicole Haggerty-Myers (sorry if spelling is wrong) are automatically elected.
There are two minutes remaining until midnight, when the meeting must close – we won’t get through everything tonight. One of the key positions we won’t see elected tonight are the six Directors of Student Publications who check Honi for defamation each week.
The second pair elected to Student Housing Officer is: Wherrett/Coleman.
That’s it for tonight! We’re outta here, thanks for reading
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:54 pm
Residential college officers automatically elected:
– Juliette (didn’t get last name)
– William Ryan & John Patrick Asimakis
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:53 pm
Two nominations for Refugee Rights officers, both are elected automatically:
– Kelton Muir
– Jess Whitehall and Caitlin McMenamin
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:51 pm

Interfaith Officers are automatically elected. I couldn’t hear who they were.

Social Justice Officers next. The following nominees are automatically elected:
– Adam Ursino and Edward Bruce
– Kimberly Murphy and Michelle Picone
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:44 pm

2 nominations for Mature Age Students officer:

– Andrea Zephyr
– Cameron Hawkins
Paulene assures us they meet the requirements. Interfaith is next.
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:40 pm

Disabilities Officers now. Two nominations:

– Mollie Galvin
– Hannah Makragelidis (didn’t catch last name) & Noa Zulman
Both are automatically elected. Mature Age student officers are next.
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:38 pm

Now Queer Officers. Two nominations:

– Connor Parissis
– Andrea Zephyr & Will Edwards
Both are automatically elected. These are the candidates preselected by the Queer Action Collective.
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:37 pm

Now taking nominations for Sexual Harassment Officers. We’re starting to speed through a bit faster.

– Jessica Said & Nina Dillon Britton
– Andrea Zephyr & Lorena White
Both are automatically elected
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:35 pm

Now Intercampus Officers. Two nominations, from:

– Jacob Masina
– Amelia Chan & someone else (didn’t catch name)
Both automatically elected
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:31 pm

Paulene declares Ali and Eldar elected. Fahad Ali (Student Unity) punches the air, yells “free Palestine, fuck you cunt.” No one’s sure who he was yelling at. He then ran out.

Honi Soit October 19, 201611:28 pm

Now nominations for Global Solidarity. There are three nominations. Paulene asks for “quiet in the peanut gallery”

– Christopher Anderton
– Angelica Alvarez-Fernandez
– Fahad Ali & Roy Eldar
Paulene declares Angelica Alvarez-Fernandez elected due to AA.
In a dramatic moment, we have a dead tie – 16 votes each and one invalid vote (oops). We are drawing it out of a hat. Huge contingent advocating for a Twins for Tickets hat to be used.
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:16 pm

Paulene says we have the same problem we had earlier with AA (a new interpretation has been made by Standing Legal which the council has yet to approve), so Paulene will note the result but not declare people elected until the next council meeting.

McDonald and Williams & Paul and Dyers are noted as elected. Paul & Dyers were one of the candidates pre-selected by the Environment Collective; the other pre-selected candidates were unsuccessful.
Honi Soit October 19, 201611:07 pm

We’re going to be here until midnight. Hoo boy.

We’re now doing a quorum count to check that we get the pleasure of remaining in this hell. We have quorum, and will remain in hell.
We have a procedural motion for “no more speeches” to get us through the agenda by midnight. Paulene counts very quickly and declares it carried. A motion to have a re-count fails. There will be no more speeches.
Nominations for Enviro officer:
– Dominic McDonald & Jake Williams
– Jodie Paul & Seth Dyers (not sure about surname)
– Andy Mason & Maushmi Powar
Honi Soit October 19, 201610:46 pm

Now to International Students’ Officers. Three nominations:

– Helena (didn’t catch last name) and Yifan (Koko) Kong
– Winston Ma and Ricardo Wu
Wang and someone else whose name I didn’t catch – will update if I find it.

Koko (Yifan) speaks about being preselected by the International Students’ Collective and her involvement in that collective. “I’m not going to talk about big policies, I’m here to ensure that International Students have access to a collective with staff and support. I know from a very practical perspective where it can go.”
Winson and Ricardo do not wish to speak.
The third team are not here and do not wish to speak. A proxy spoke for them, my understanding is that they are the second set preselected by the collective.
Paulene declares Fang, Wang, Ng and Kong elected and then declares a fifteen minute break NO i’m so tired
Honi Soit October 19, 201610:28 pm

Now moving to nominations for Indigenous officers.

One nomination from Jackson Newell, who is elected automatically. There is one vacant position to be dealt with by the new council.

Honi Soit October 19, 201610:26 pm

Both ACAR candidates are elected unopposed as the other candidates withdraw. The ACAR Officers are Radha, Maddy and Sophia.

Honi Soit October 19, 201610:24 pm

Radha and Maddy speaking now, imploring everyone to respect the collective’s decisions, “because the officers need to work closely with the collective”. Speaks about the rise of Islamophobia on campus to silence from the University – “they tokenise students of colour to give an impression of diversity and at the same time they give an honorary doctorate to John Howard.”

“These spaces of learning are based on curriculums that centre European/Western knowledge as the bastion of all knowledge. We need radical reexamination of our learning structures, the way we teach, and the way we interact with academia.” Speaks to the need to prioritise Indigenous voices in activism, to not speak over them.
Honi Soit October 19, 201610:22 pm

Third nominee for Ethnocultural Officer, Stravroc (I think that name is correct, correct me if not!) speaks about the need for “activists who are willing to do some significant fighting around these issues. This is how we actually get things done, not by having fuckwit hacks who sit in the corner here CV stacking”

Honi Soit October 19, 201610:20 pm

Vinil Kumar quotes Malcolm X, “you can’t have capitalism without racism”, speaks passionately on Islamophobia and the way society treats refugees. Calls out members of the Labor party for supporting a party “at the forefront of racism in Australia. If you had a shred of care for the oppressed people in society, you would leave that piece of shit of a party”

Vinil then criticises the Autonomous Collective Against Racism for not doing much other than publishing an issue of Honi. The crowd is not happy.
Honi Soit October 19, 201610:18 pm

Sophia speaks to their nomination, “I ran because I have experienced discrimination due to the colour of my skin, ACAR is the only place where I feel completely comfortable”. They ask people to respect ACAR’s preselected candidates

Honi Soit October 19, 201610:16 pm

Nominations for Ethnocultural Officers (2 positions):

– Sophia Cheung
– Vinil Kumar
– didn’t catch this name, sorry!
– Maddy Ward & Radha Wahyuwidayat
Like with Women’s Officer, Ethnocultural Officers represent a collective (the Autonomous Collective Against Racism, aka ACAR). ACAR has pre-selected their preferred candidates, which are Sophia, Maddy and Radha
Honi Soit October 19, 201610:11 pm

There are two nominations for the two positions on the Standing Legal committee – Andrea Zephyr and Isabella Pytka. They are automatically elected.

We’re now returning to the usual agenda, proceeding to Ethnocultural Officer election.
Honi Soit October 19, 201610:07 pm

Chair of Standing Legal committee is Alisha Aitken-Radburn

Honi Soit October 19, 20169:59 pm

Paulene now asking for nominations for chair of the Standing Legal committee.

Someone seems to have stolen someone else’s ballot paper, so Paulene will only be accepting a single ballot paper per person for this vote – no bundles of votes handed in by one person.
Two nominations, from:
– Liam Thorne
– Alisha Aitken-Radburn
Honi Soit October 19, 20169:52 pm
The reinterpretation of AA rules for Welfare officer has resulted in one person withdrawing. Paulene says that is perfectly legitimate – they can withdraw even though the voting has started.
However, there is the possibility that some people who lodged their votes may have voted differently if they had known the ticket would change. Therefore Paulene will only note the victor tonight rather than declaring it – it will need to go to the first council meeting for discussion.
The result: Gulbransan-Dias is elected alone, and Devine-Poulos and Campbell elected as a joint ticket
Honi Soit October 19, 20169:35 pm

Paulene says we have just had a reinterpretation of a rule and is allowing five minutes for nominations for the last position (Welfare) to be amended.

This is because there is a contest over the interpretation of the affirmative action requirement. The regulation is that where a position is split between two people, it only meets the AA requirement if neither are cis men. It seems that Paulene’s current reading is that it is sufficient if one of the two does not identify as a cis male.
There are two tickets that do not meet AA under the actual definition – McMenamin and Maher, and Whitney and Gulbransen-Dias. If Paulene is persuaded to change her reading to requiring both candidates to be non cis male, then these two tickets do not meet AA and Devine-Poulos and Campbell are likely to be elected as a result.
Honi Soit October 19, 20169:26 pm

While we count the ballots, a reminder of human goodness at repselect: Riki Scanlan is wondering the room giving phenomenal massages “just because”. Tweets are starting to flood in endorsing their skills – your liveblogger experienced the massage firsthand, and can confirm it was fucking incredible.

Honi Soit October 19, 20169:22 pm

Now hearing from McMenamin and Maher:

McMenamin opens by saying they are proud to be in a room of such passionate and dedicated students. “We are not only determining the future of the University, but the future of our fellow students. We have a responsibility of making a conscious decision about who will strive for student welfare.” They mention poor availability of student housing and mental health resources. “It’s time for a strong welfare team that will fight for all students”
Maher then speaks about the hypocrisy of the Labor party given that they are working with Liberals here. “They are the scum of the earth”. “There are many many students in retail jobs, and [the major parties] constantly undermine these workers.”
Honi Soit October 19, 20169:19 pm

Now a speech from Gulbransen-Dias and Whitney.

Whitney: “I am running for welfare officer to bring an attitude of social justice to the role”
[voice from crowd] “what are you studying, Jack?”
Whitney: “Social work” [crowd laughs]
Whitney is very quiet, can’t hear much. Speaks about gender neutral bathrooms, improving systems for trans students to change their names.
Honi Soit October 19, 20169:17 pm

Speech from Devine-Poulos and Lily Campbell: they focus on cuts to welfare, call out the current welfare officers, including “the national welfare officer Robby Magyar”, for doing “practically nothing”, which ruffles some feathers.

“The welfare of students and the welfare of refugees is constantly under attack from both sides of government.”
“It’s very obvious that every member of the Labor party doesn’t give a shit about student welfare.” Mentions last year’s welfare officers’ free donut days. “This reflects the fact that they’re all a bunch of CV-stacking hacks”
Honi Soit October 19, 20169:14 pm
3 joint nominations for Welfare Officer:
– Isabella Devine-Poulos and Lily Campbell
– Claudia Gulbransan-Dias and Jack Whitney
– Caitlin McMenamin and Declan Maher
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:57 pm

We’re back. Paulene has just recalled the ballot papers for Chair of Standing Legal, not sure why.

Also, we’re hearing that contrary to some prior tweets, Alex Fitton still has their ballots, meaning they hold the balance of power for the remaining positions and is negotiating on a position-by-position basis.

Honi Soit October 19, 20168:33 pm

Paulene declares a fifteen minute break. C u soon

Honi Soit October 19, 20168:32 pm

Murphy withdraws. Election is between Grant/Thorburn and Zephyr.

Grant and Thorburn are elected to huge applause.
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:30 pm

Andrea Zephyr (Unity) now speaking to Women’s Officer nomination.

Says she opposes the preselection of the women’s collective because “I will not be elected by a transmisogynist collective”. Andrea is yelling directly at the Women’s Collective members in the audience, Paulene blows a whistle into the microphone (ouch) and tells her to stop.
“I was offended when you allowed people who aren’t women to dictate autonomy guidelines, when you erased me, when you did not support me.”
Andrea gets another 20 seconds because the room is so loud.
“This SRC should think seriously about the role that trans women have in University life. Vote for a woman who will work for every single woman in this University.”
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:26 pm

Kim Murphy (SAlt) now speaking to Women’s Officer noination, connects gendered oppression to capitalism, speaks about housework and unpaid labour. “Fighting for women’s rights actually means taking on capitalism”. Then speaks about trade unions and student movements in Australia as part of the history for fighting for the rights of all women in this country through grassroots activism.

Honi Soit October 19, 20168:24 pm

Imogen and Katie speaking to their nomination. Say that they are preselected and endorsed by the collective, that they’re dedicated and committed activists ready to represent the collective and help it grow.

“We’ve been selected by the women’s collective to lead them, and that’s what we’ll do. We will fight for justice for all women.”
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:22 pm

Nominations for Wom*n’s Officer:

– Dual nomination Imogen Grant and Katie Thorburn (Indie)
– Kim Murphy (SAlt)
– Andrea Zephyr (Unity)
This is a bit of a contentious election as the officers are traditionally preselected by the Wom*n’s Collective. Imogen Grant and Katie Thorburn are the Collective’s chosen nominees.
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:18 pm

We’re now voting on a procedural to move to the election of the chair of Standing Legal.

This is important because it bears on whether Alex Fitton’s nomination for Gen Sec will be accepted.
The procedural fails, we’re continuing on to Wom*n’s Officer election.
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:16 pm

Results for Education Officer

Holcombe/Poulos 15
Schroeder/McCann 17 (Elected)
Muir 1
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:13 pm

Kelton Muir now speaking to Education Officer nomination. Also calls out factionalism here. Very hard to hear them due to rowdy crowd.

Paulene keeps having to give speakers extra time because they can’t be heard.
“Activism comes from real students, and change comes from real students. It doesn’t come from every piece of bullshit that happens in this room. But I won’t get bogged down in that.” Speaks to their commitment to the role, says that whatever position they have, “I will be willing to fight”.
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:11 pm

Now Eleanor Morley speaking to Education Officer nomination.

“I want to take stock of what’s gone on here tonight. What we have seen, through a combination of political opportunism and sectarian abstentionism [the rest drowned out]. Liberals stand for everything that is rotten about our society.” Morley now pivots to refugees, is yelling about Nauru, then to $100k degrees and other cuts. “This is absolutely going to fuck the lives of the poorest people in our society. It’s your parties that stood for this”.
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:08 pm

Jenna Schroder speaking now to Education Officer nomination

“I know that I can’t really do a lot to make me seem like a better person because I am running with a Liberal [cries of shame], but I personally believe in free education, and I want to say that if Ed and I get elected I don’t want people to just abandon the EAG and do nothing. I’m not just going to shut people out and not fund things that you want to do.”
“I know we have our personal factional disagreements, but we have to work as a team”
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:06 pm

Education officer speech from Holcombe/Devine-Poulos join nom.

Holcombe talking very quickly about course cuts, the SCA, strikes and picket lines. “I won’t get burnout, I won’t get triggered, I won’t use my identity as a copout for doing nothing, I won’t compromise on cuts of any kind.”
Devine-Poulos “There are bunch of people in this room who need to understand what a student union is, and what a union is. We have people here who are purely interested in electoral politics”. Says we need direct action and activism. “We’re experienced activists who are organised, who actually give a shit about students”
Huge cheers at the end.
Honi Soit October 19, 20168:02 pm

Nominees for Education Officer now:

– joint nom from April Holcombe (SAlt) and Isabella Devine-Poulos

– joint nom from Jenna Schroder (NLS) and Ed McCann (Mod Lib)

– individual, Eleanor Morley (SAlt)

– individual, Kelton Muir (I think)

Honi Soit October 19, 20168:00 pm

Here are the first pref numbers for gen exec, if you’re interested. McMenamin got none and was distributed.

And a tidbit from editor Naaman Zhou:

Honi Soit October 19, 20167:58 pm

Results for gen exec:

– Boidin
– Chan
– Cheung
– Donohoe
– Ryan
Honi Soit October 19, 20167:51 pm

Information coming in to editor Andrew Bell about how Fitton may vote for the rest of the night (the source is not Fitton)

If this happens, this means SLS, Groots and Indies are likely to win every other position (bar Education officer)

Honi Soit October 19, 20167:48 pm

While we wait for votes to be counted, look at this innovative coverage from editor Tom Joyner, now running Facebook Live and Periscope coverage simultaneously. A wild new media landscape indeed.

Honi Soit October 19, 20167:44 pm

Chloe Rafferty withdraws. SAlt so far have used all their nominations to make speeches about national issues and then withdraw. Good public speaking practice, I guess.

Honi Soit October 19, 20167:43 pm

Pat Ryan:

“Twins is not a political party, we’re a global movement, we transcend this”
“The Twins were not rolled by Liberals tonight, they were rolled by life a long time ago. Tonight, think about the twins!”
Honi Soit October 19, 20167:42 pm

Chloe Rafferty (SAlt) gives another speech about national issues. In the words of editor Tom Joyner, “what can the SRC do about the ABCC?”

Honi Soit October 19, 20167:40 pm

Liam Donohoe waives his right to speak.

Caitlin: “I would be a strong applicant on the council tonight, thank you.” Speaks to being honoured to be here tonight.
Honi Soit October 19, 20167:39 pm

Amelia waives right to speak.

Sophia Cheung speaks: “as a queer person of colour, I believe I can bring new insights and opinions”. They speak on their commitment and reliability, say they will work hard “to make sure student rights inform every single decision that the executive makes”
Honi Soit October 19, 20167:38 pm

Adam Boidin (Unity) speaks to their nomination for general executive: keeps it short and sharp, says “I will represent all students”

Honi Soit October 19, 20167:37 pm

Nominations for ordinary members of the SRC executive (5 positions, nominations can’t be split)

Aaaand the nominees are:
– Adam Boidin (Unity)
– Amelia Chan (Indie)
– Sophia Cheung (NLS)
– Liam Donohoe (Groots)
– Caitlin McMenamin (Groots)
– Chloe Rafferty (SAlt)
– Pat Ryan (Indie)
Honi Soit October 19, 20167:32 pm

What I will say: while claiming to be trans for political gain would be a deplorable move, also having a room full of angry people shouting and questioning your identity is awful. A lot of people are looking very stressed. Be kind to each other.

Honi Soit October 19, 20167:26 pm

Murphy (SAlt) withdraws their nomination.

Ballots are being filled in now.
Honi Soit October 19, 20167:23 pm

Paulene says that Alex Fitton must put something in writing tonight that says they do not identify as a man. They must then secure a legal statutory declaration tomorrow to the same effect. We will conduct a ballot tonight, Paulene will note a result, and next council meeting the new council and the new standing legal will decide how to deal with it.

There’s a lot of tension in the room right now. To the best of our knowledge, Alex Fitton has not previously made any public statements indicating that they do not identify as male. Many in the room are speculating that this move is therefore a disingenuous attempt to be eligible for the position. A stat dec is, however, a pretty serious move. Your liveblogger has not spoken to Fitton, so I will not comment beyond this.
The other argument happening in the room is about why Standing Legal made a regulations change the day before Reps Elect (this is, I presume, the AA regulation that’s causing the above drama).
Fitton/Williams waive their right to speak. We’re now hearing from third nominee Kim Murphy.
Honi Soit October 19, 20167:15 pm

Now voting on a procedural motion to delay for 10min. It fails, we’re continuing with the meeting.

Honi Soit October 19, 20167:14 pm

It seems that the issue is that the joint nomination of Williams/Fitton not meeting Affirmative Action requirements (one of a pair of joint nominees must be non cis male).

Paulene says that if one of them provides a statutory declaration declaring that they do not identify as a man, they will be allowed to run.
Honi Soit October 19, 20167:10 pm

Dylan Williams and Alex Fitton are about to speak to their nomination for General Secretary. For context, this is a paid role (approx $12k each a year if split), with responsibility for the annual SRC budget, among other things.

There’s a bit of a wait before the speech as Williams caucuses with Fitton, who seems to have been added to this joint nomination only in the last five minutes or so.
Paulene announces that “we have an issue with the second nomination, and I’m giving them a moment to deal with it.” Paulene says that the issue is that they nominated under last year’s rules, which were changed yesterday by Standing Legal. We’re not sure what the changes are, looking to the all-knowing Cameron Caccamo for answers.
Honi Soit October 19, 20167:06 pm

First Gen Sec nominee speech from Daniel Ergas (Groots) and Isabella Pytka (SLS)

Ergas: “General Secretary is not an entry-level position”. Talks up his and Pytka’s experience, says that the other two do not have the same. Pytka speaks about university restructure plans, failure to address sexual harassment as things they would focus on fighting. Says that they’re committed to fighting for a higher SSAF allocation.
Honi Soit October 19, 20167:04 pm

Nominations for Gen Sec:

Isabella Pytka and Daniel Ergas

Dylan Williams and Alex Fitton (a big upset – Fitton was previously thought to be voting with the other bloc)

Honi Soit October 19, 20167:03 pm

There are whispers that something’s going on with Alex Fitton (Lib) and gen sec – possibly that he’s been offered the spot by Stand Up, and will therefore cross the floor to vote with them. Time will tell.

Honi Soit October 19, 20167:02 pm

Next election is for General Secretary. Paulene read it wrong the first time, blames “getting old”.

Small fracas as Paulene kicks people who aren’t councillors out of the councillors’ side of the room. Lots of finger pointing, people getting called out by Paulene, random applause from the sides. Nothing is getting done.
Honi Soit October 19, 20166:58 pm
The result:

McCann 16

Bickley/Gibson 17
Bickley/Gibson get it.
Honi Soit October 19, 20166:55 pm

Overview of VP speeches:

Gibson/Bickley (Labor) open with “friends, comrades” and then talk a lot about inequality. Gibson namedrops “free education” as a (lofty) goal, with a backup of “at the very least, fair education”. Bickley adds that they’ll fight for “ordinary students to have access to higher education”, speaks about fighting for more flexible timetabling to support students who work.
Lily Campbell (SAlt) “The best thing about the Labor party is that they’re actually not the Liberal party…except in elections at Sydney Uni.” Talks about cuts and deregulation fucking over regular students, and cuts proposed by Labor more broadly. Tanya Plibersek gets namedropped – we’re not sure what she has to do with the SRC. Eventually the speech comes around to “that’s why socialists should have this job – we’re not tied to any political party, so we don’t have to defend them when they’re disgraceful on every single front”.

Ed McCann (Lib): “It’s been a lot of fun running as a Liberal…getting to experience a lot of different perspectives”. “I’m not a fascist, thank you, no autographs”. On policy, mentions more funding for mental health, and a more inclusive SRC to get a wide variety of opinions. Acknowledges that it will be a “bloody miracle” if he gets it.

Lily Campbell withdrew nomination after speaking.
Honi Soit October 19, 20166:45 pm

A reminder too that if you’re sick of this ~liveblog format~, you can also get your updates via twitter at repselect, or via Facebook live from the Honi Soit page multimedia

We’re now taking nominations for Vice President. The nominees are:
– Lily Campbell
– Ed McCann (Paulene accidentally said Ed McMahon lol)
– joint nomination from James Gibson and Ella Bickley
Candidate speeches will be 2min.
Honi Soit October 19, 20166:37 pm

For those who don’t remember last year’s repselect, the short version is that the police were called, the lights were turned out, quorum pulls were attempted and it made national headlines. This goes some way to explaining the sheer numbers of people packed into this room right now.

We’re quorate now – the meeting can begin. Outgoing prez Chloe Smith gives an Acknowledgement of Country and hands the chair over to incoming prez Isabella Brook. Here we gooooo
Honi Soit October 19, 20166:31 pm

Honi has previously reported that a group of independents (Two from the election branding Ignite), one soft right Liberal and one true independent could swing the balance of power away from the presumed majority coalition of Labor Right, Labor Left (National Labor Students) and moderate Liberals

Honi Soit October 19, 20166:23 pm
Hello nerds,
Editors Naaman Zhou, Victoria Zerbst, Andrew Bell, Subeta Vimalarajah and Sam Langford are here in the Professorial Board Room waiting for repselect to begin. Have we sent too many eds, or is Big Drama about to happen? You tell us.
For the uninitiated, the councillors that were elected by the student body a few short weeks ago will be selecting the Executive and Office Bearers for 2017. Think of it as the third branch of government.
It’s looking like standing room only at the moment, pretty packed.