Malcolm Roberts condemns ‘politicisation’ of Earth Hour

He also condemned Earth day

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts has today released a statement condemning the “overt Greens influence over Earth Hour.”

Roberts, a climate-change sceptic, has warned that while Earth Hour was previously a “joyous, Aussie event”, it has recently been overrun by “hippies imposing militant agendas on everyday family BBQs”.

“I remember back when you could light her up, cook a snag and have a laugh in the dark with a few mates,” Roberts said. “I could shut my eyes, smell the candles, and imagine being back in the good old days of the 1950s.”

“Now you can’t even turn off a power switch without the left praising you and shoving their environmental ideology down your throat.”

Roberts has vowed to turn off all of his lights for an entire year as a sign of defiance. “These greenies think they can choose how long I have my lights off. I’ll show them.”

His act of resistance can be followed under the hashtag #365daysinthedark.