A Normal Day

A poem on human traffic at university

Different students walk around at uni. Artwork by Mei Zheng

beams of sunlight permeate
a shroud of silky clouds
           illuminating the
           scrambling children below.
           shuddering vibrations of
           thundering footsteps,
murmuring complaints, soft as the rain but
           deafening in numbers
a storm of minds and
                      their majestic march,
           meandering through a
           maze of madness. a
           moving mayhem.
slithering through suffocating
           tunnels accompanied by
           stifled breathing.
           devoured by darkness,
haunted by time.
silence descends upon the
empty paths, calm like the
           wisps of white
                      in the sky,
                      slowly dissipating
                      into the
                      world of blue.

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