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SRC partners with law firm without executive consultation

The partnership with Longton Legal comes amid a vacancy in the SRC's legal services arm

SRC President Jacky He is co-hosting a seminar with Sydney and Shanghai based law firm Longton Legal, inviting students to attend a free seminar advertising the firm’s services this Thursday. On the 2nd of March, He advertised the seminar from his personal WeChat account. He also advertised Longton Legal’s WeChat group on the 8th of February. The latter post was deleted on the same day.

When Honi reached out to He for comment last week, He confirmed that the SRC’s General Executive had not been informed of the “joint partnership” between 5xini, Longton Legal and the SRC.

“I will put this event in the next council meeting, absolutely fair and transparent [sic],” He told Honi over WeChat.

The next regular council meeting will be held in a month’s time, well after the seminar has lapsed. SRC Vice President Dane Luo (Shake Up) told Honi  on Monday that he was “not aware of a partnership between those [Longton and 5xini] groups.” SRC General Secretary Niamh Callinan (Unity/Labor Right) confirmed on Sunday that she too was unaware of the partnership.

“I do not have WeChat, and therefore I was unaware of the wording of this partnership,” Callinan told Honi.

He insisted there was no financial connection between the SRC and Longton Legal for  the upcoming seminar.

“This lecture does not need any money, financial approval, and we don’t need input, I just want to speak on behalf of the SRC,” He said.

Chinese new media website, 5xini and Longton have collaborated to organise the seminar which is principally directed towards university students. He recommended all viewers on WeChat to attend the seminar and join the firm’s WeChat group. On the 1st of March, 5xini published an article advertising the seminar and the SRC’s role on campus.

Honi understands this move comes as the SRC faces a vacancy within its internal legal services department.