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ADORABLE: The Stranger Things kids all tried heroin together for the first time!

Matthew Forbes, Netflix ‘n’ chill Editor

Coolest. BFFs. Ever!!! Not only are the six teens from Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things hanging out off-set, but they’ve all taken the plunge into Hollywood stardom by injecting heroin together for the first time. Awwww!

“We had the idea while my mum was driving us to laser tag,” explained Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) in an exclusive video interview with the young actors via their parents’ Zoom accounts. “Now, we can’t get enough of the stuff.”

“You could say that when we’re not shooting a scene, we’re shooting up,” Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) laughed, before having to explain the joke to co-star Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven). 

For Finn Wolfhard (Mike), it wasn’t all moonlight and roses. “While I was high, I googled ‘Black Francis’ from the band Pixies and found out he’s not actually black. I cried for a while after that.” However, as a budding rock star, he found that the experience helped him tap in to his musical roots. “I felt connected to the great rock stars of the ‘90s: Kurt Cobain, that guy from Alice in Chains, uh… Weezer?” 

“A warm glow overtook my body,” stated Sadie Sink (Max) as she recounted the experience. “I felt disconnected, yet connected. For the first time since I began my career in this vapid industry, I was calm, at peace with my place as barely a cosmic speck in the vast expanse of the universe.”

“They’re naming a brand after me,” said Noah Schnapp (Will) after a long silence. “They’re calling it ‘Schmack’!” Awesome!