FANFIC: Harry Styles defects to Solidarity

The latest instalment of reader x Harry Styles

I’m in the SRC Bathrooms, curling my long, brown hair into perfect ringlets. As I brush out my curls into loose waves, I stare into the mirror and think of the last few months. 

After Harry’s devastating loss to Melinda in the USU elections, I left my friends in SASS behind and joined the Women’s Collective. Harry and I have been seeing each other in secret, because he doesn’t want to be seen fraternizing with petit bourgeois grassroots scum. At first I was hurt by this, but I’ve slowly begun to see Harry’s point of view. 

As I leave the SRC through the back entrance, I run into my friend Patience Walden-White. Patience is on the USU board with my ex-bff Melinda. 

“Hey [y/n] ! What are you up to?” 

I pause, trying to think of an excuse. 

“Hey Patience! I’m just going to study at the Library.” 

“Cool! I’ll come with you. You can help me fill out these nomination forms!” 

We walk to Fisher Library, and I’m panicking. What do I tell Harry? I send him a quick text as Patience explains why all our friends in Grassroots are joining SASS. 

Hey Harry. Stuck with Patience at Fisher. Sry! 

I tune back into Patience’s chatter as we enter Fisher. 

“…..anyway so if you could come to the next SASS party and then the AGM you’ll be eligible to vote for Allie Spencerton for president.”

I smile and nod as we make our way to a table on Level 7. It’s getting late, so no-one else is around. Patience starts filling out her forms, and I check my phone, nervous for Harry’s reply. 

Hey [y/n]. I’m at a meeting for Keep Left. Meet me after? 


I leave the library at 10pm and walk to Camperdown park, where Harry is waiting. I run into his broad arms, longing to feel them wrapped around me. We briefly embrace, and he steps back. 

“[y/n], I have to tell you something” 

“What is it Harry?” 

“I’ve left the Socialist Alternative.” 


“I’m joining Solidarity….” 


“…and I’m running for SRC President.” 

I step back in shock. Leaving the Socialist Alternative? Joining Solidarity? Running for SRC President? It’s all too much for me, and I turn away from Harry and run from the park. 


The next day, I wake up to a barrage of texts from Harry. 

I’m sorry [y/n]. I had 2 do it. In hnr of Trotsky. Solidarity r the vanguard. 

Pls call me when u get this. Need 2 talk 2 u. 

This is the way we can b 2gether. 

The last text cracks my icy facade, and I call Harry with shaking hands. He immediately answers. 

“I’m so glad you called [y/n]. I really wanted to hear your voice” 

“Me too Harry. I am so happy we can finally be together.” 

“Yes [y/n] … I just need one thing before that can happen. I need Grassroots to support me for President.” 

I hang up the phone. 

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