Award Winners – DESTINATION – 2021 Honi Soit Writing Competition

Congratulations to our winners!

We announced the winners of the 2021 Honi Soit Writing Competition on Wednesday 1 September. We had a record 115 entries across both categories, and the quality of pieces was extremely high!

Thank you to our judges, Catriona Menzies-Pike and Vanessa Berry.


1st place: “Good and Nowhere” by Zachary Picker

2nd place: “You’ll Find Her Heart in the Garden” by Aylish Dowsett

3rd place: “Asiana” by Justin Lai

People’s Choice: “Inpatient” by Niamh Gallagher

Shortlist: “The San Catalina Resort” by Caitlin Marinelli

Shortlist: “A Lighthouse” by Genevieve Couvret

Shortlist: “Swan” by Grace Roodenrys

Shortlist: “March to September” by Patrick McKenzie

Shortlist: “Circular Quay” by Riley Vaughan

Shortlist: “A Ballad on the Boardwalk” by William Solomon


1st place: “Inextinguishable Embers” by Kelton Muir de Moore

2nd place: “A Love Letter to my Ex-Religion” by Sophie Shead

3rd place: “Future Aesthetics of Cyber Sociality” by Fergus Berney-Gibson

People’s Choice: “A Writer, Perceived” by Kate Woodbury

Shortlist: “Repatriation Discourse” by Ariana Haghighi

Shortlist: “The Primitivism of Climate Activism” by Iggy Boyd