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EDITORIAL: Am I Obliged to Weigh in on Bishop Here? I Mean, I Will, if I Have to— Wait, We’re Calling it “Choppergate” Now? For Fuck’s Sake. Then we must.

I am the slave to a suffix. As soon as a jumpstart intern with too little time and imagination jumps on the political bandwagon and calls something a fucking “gate” scandal, I have to come running, like a bloodhound addicted to drivel and shit, because it’s what you morons apparently demand. At this point in…

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EDITORIAL: Why we will not capitalise on appalling tragedies

In the wake of the Nepal earthquake and the execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, many media outlets have been quick to jump on bandwagons and produce generic, incendiary headlines as they cynically navigate a sea of filth. It has been argued that it is impossible to conjure lucid, thoughtful opinion at the behest of…

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Editorial: Defending the Cuts and Defending the Fires

Cuts aren’t easy, but they are often necessary – like a violent, visceral pruning (a pruning, sometimes by secateurs, and sometimes, say, by the warm lick of a flame). But the reality is that our operation could not go on in the fashion it had for so long. Cuts, like fire, are a kind of…