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Crevices between soundtracks

When my mother calls me an angel, I ask her what it is like to have birthed a perennially angry angel, who finds home in dissent and is quite a killjoy. “It’s alright, actually really fun,” she answers with her fractured smile.

Misc //

Whorescopes: Week Nine

Cup-a-Soup with some Halal Snack Pack after a 2 am booty call? ‘Tis the season for it. We’re in Taurus season and sorry you agitated Oxes, you gotta up your game now.

News //

New private hospital underway at St John’s College campus

The College outlined in the report key objectives, including, providing “a Catholic teaching hospital for medical student placements, with opportunities for further careers” and “professional pathway[s] and connection[s] for St John's College residents who are studying medicine and allied courses.”