dan schreiber
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Jack of all trades: Dan Schreiber

Honi Soit this week hunts down an Aussie expat that has worked with Jimmy Carr, on QI, has recorded with Paul McCartney and was once invited to meet the Queen. Reporter Cameron Smith took up the task of finding out just what the hell is in this man’s coffee. If I asked you to describe…

Matt Okine
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Watch this face…

Being totes Gen Y ‘n’ that, before I interviewed comedian Matt Okine I posted on Facebook to see if there was anything people would like to me to ask him. Aside from the usual pseudo-witticisms of social media, one question stood out: “ask him who the fuck he is”. Winner of the prestigious Best Newcomer…

Night thoughts in changing times...Bob Ellis. Source: supplied.
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And so it goes…

Michael Koziol and Bob Ellis talk the power of the printed word, the pitfalls of feminism, and the state of modern politics.

Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Marie Bashir. Source: supplied.
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Being Marie Bashir

On the eve of her retirement as Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Kira Spucys-Tahar sat down with the Governor of New South Wales Marie Bashir.