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The 1950s sucked but they had killer clothes

Seen anyone on campus in a petticoat lately? What about cat-eye glasses and a headscarf? A kitsch brooch and impractical heels? You may have spotted a pinup. The pinup community is a fashion subculture obsessed with 1950s style clothing (named after the pin-up poster girls of the 40s and 50s). The community is made up…

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In Defence and Critique of University Literary Journals

The inter-semester break provides a lot of things to a lot of different people. A select few use this time to prepare the three University of Sydney literary journals that launch in October. These are (from oldest to newest): Hermes, ARNA: The Journal of the Sydney University Arts Students Society (SASS), and Carillon: The Journal…

Woman of colour looking sad with caption for text of person out of frame "I know this nose piercing is pretty out there, I just wanted something DIFFERENT"
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The Power of the Hashtag

Social media continues to play an enormous role in empowering minorities by giving them direct access to online communities, publicity and freedom of speech. On March 6 2015, #BlackOutDay was trending on Twitter after it was launched by creators T’von, Marissa and Nukirk. They started this social media campaign to encourage Black people to upload…