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Future Boy Eats Cool Thai

Aaron Chen on the No. 13 lunch special at Thai La-Ong.

I’m no food expert or professional journalist, but one thing you gotta know about me is that this kid loves to eat. I have actually eaten so much and so many different types of things that if you try to verse me in a food competition you’d probably lose so quickly. But this isn’t about me, it’s about the time I had No. 13 at Thai La-Ong one time.

The number thirteen is shrouded in superstition and every single human is scared of the number. Not me. Everyone who’s close to me knows that I try new things, I pioneer and I push boundaries, especially in regards to food. The classics are cool but you can only eat them so many times before your instincts go “No. It’s time to venture into the new world.” No one has ever ordered number 13 before me, so I was not surprised when the waitress screamed in shock when I asked for the dish.

The dish is called “Pad Pong Kha Min”. It’s described as “turmeric, coconut milk and vegetables”. What comes out is this sweet dish that’s less liquid than a curry and it actually tastes so good and you feel gourmet af on just $7. It’s actually so crazy. And when you get it you have to get it with tofu. I’m no vegetarian, the rumours are true, I am a meat boy, but the tofu just soaks up the sauce and it’s super plump with all that liquid. It’s actually such a revelation. I really don’t want to say I’m a game changer, but I can’t tell you honestly that things won’t be the same. Peace and harmony.

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