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Featuring Dinkus and Dongle, Really long; many words and What to 'x' when 'y'

Dinkus and Dongle Dinkus and Dongle
Dinkus and Dongle. Comic by Rebecca Wright.
Dinkus and Dongle. Comic by Rebecca Wright.

Really long, many words

Your thesis, explained using the most common 1000 words in the english language. 

William Allington has begun the second year of his Ph.D. in Jewish Civilization, Thought and Culture, studying online antisemitism and methods to aid students to respond and refute online antisemitism

I write my degree to become a doctor with a focus on the debate that the first People of the Book are bad. I especially focus on this debate within the computer network. The main focus is on the claim that throughout history people actually do not do bad things to the People of the Book, and the claim that people think bad thing that happen to them are less bad than history study people suggest .

The people who do not like the People of the Book have a strong computer network to send information to any site. The people who claim that the very bad history things did not happen did many a year to build a network where they hold their information on many a site. With this information, the people who claim such can debate on a high level, with great detail, even though they are wrong.  Because of this, a young student is at risk in this debate, and may become one of these people.

I study how a young student might find information to respond to this claim, and the whole debate.  I also study how good they make their response to such a claim. From this, I plan to make a site that makes it easy for a student to find information for any claim in this debate, and develop a strategy for education about this problem. WA

What to wear when attending lecture #1

1. Law

R.M. Williams Boots

2. Engineering

Bintang singlet

3. Commerce

Country Road linen button-up

4. Health Sciences

Lorna Jane activewear

5. MeCo

Comme des Garçons tee

6. VetSci


7. Science

5 y.o. Asics sneakers

8. Med

See ‘law’ above