Durex Introduces 15c Thicker, Reusable Condoms

Don't leave home without them!

Earlier today, major prophylactic manufacturer Durex announced that it will begin phasing out its single-use condoms, with aims to replace them with more environmentally-friendly, reusable condoms by the end of 2019.

Durex was quick to reassure their customers, explaining that their new condoms will pair the convenience of single-use condoms with the strength and durability of their less popular green canvas condoms. In a phone call, Durex Spokesperson Penelope Durex admitted that “customers weren’t as quick to warm up to the canvas condoms as we anticipated. Feedback across the board was that the material was too coarse, and that people weren’t sure what to do with the handles.”

The success of this product remains to be seen, it does rely on the public’s willingness to make the switch, but Durex have already been applauded by fellow industry leaders for leading the charge in environmental awareness. Sex toy company Kinko’s— not that Kinko’s, the other Kinko’s—fully support Durex’s new environmental policy after they made a similar switch themselves back in 2016.

“We used to sell a three-holed plastic cock ring that was very popular with our clients, but after we discovered our products were polluting the waterways and strangling sea turtles—and not in the good way—we had no choice but to discontinue the product,” explained Mr. Kinko. “Yes, Durex should expect some backlash,” he continued, “there is a greater societal shift taking place, and Durex is but a small part of that change.”

There’s still plenty of time between now and 2019 for Durex’s lofty plans to get waylaid, and only time will tell if they can see their plan to fruition. However, other brands can also see the writing on the wall and are jumping on the reusable bandwagon. Skyn condoms, one of Durex’s competitors, have also announced that they are developing their own thicker, reusable product.

They are yet to reveal an official timeline for the product’s release so there is no word on when we should expect Thick Skyn on our supermarket shelves.