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Six places to sleep on campus

As Fisher introduces a new sleep zone, Ann Wen reflects on your old school options for a few Zzz’s on campus

Lecture halls

Whilst USyd lecture benches tend to be fairly brutal on your back. Let’s face it, it’s not difficult to fall asleep here. But beware, your inevitable upright snoring is likely to showcase your body’s most unflattering angles.

Also, hot tip, size matters. The bigger the lecture hall, the less likely a roaming Snapchatter will capture your down time.


Libraries are warm, impersonal and a bundle of books make a good makeshift pillow.

The Law library is good if you need complete silence to sleep, whereas Scitech is better if you prefer a light background hum.

If you’re looking for a thorough slumber, Fisher 24-hour may sound appealing, but it’s a gamble–sometimes the security guards come around to wake people. For best chances, place a book over your face to be safe.

The Quad

The original architectural design of the quad did feature cushion coverings on top of the sandstone, but apparently that wasn’t very tasteful. Now all we’re left with is a formless pile of rocks, desperately lacking in aesthetic, which you can’t even nap on. Useless.

Tutorial rooms

It’s just awkward if you fall asleep in class. Tute rooms are smaller and more intimate than lecture theatres, so every sound you make is regrettably magnified. I recommend seminar rooms, which are larger, making naps are more surreptitious.


Naps are so nice here, especially in the sun! Also, if you don’t spend enough time in nature, this is a valuable opportunity to get in touch with the rugged, sublime terrains of USyd. But make sure to pick a shady spot, because Jacaranda trees are only beautiful when they don’t dictate the shape of the tan lines on your face.

Food Courts

Wentworth is so busy, it’s not even worth trying. Even when it’s slowing down, it’s painful to fall asleep with the smell of delicious kebabs wafting around. Courtyard is shady but you’ll probably be woken up by a heap of BNOCs (big names on campus) laughing obnoxiously over a 1pm glass of wine.