Repselect LIVE

Honi Soit October 19, 20166:05 pm

The room’s already packed, bit of a chair shortage happening in the observer section. Looks like it might be standing room only tonight.

Honi Soit October 19, 20166:01 pm

Hello nerds,

Editors Naaman Zhou, Victoria Zerbst, Andrew Bell, Alexandros Tsathas and Sam Langford are here in the Professorial Board Room waiting for repselect to begin. Have we sent too many eds, or is Big Drama about to happen? You tell us.
For the uninitiated, the councillors that were elected by the student body a few short weeks ago will be selecting the Executive and Office Bearers for 2017. Think of it as the third branch of government.
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  • Julie Threadgold

    It could be a long night, just hoping this year’s SRC can rise above the behaviour that has been pandemic at past Respelect. Would love to see a respectful election representing the students that put them there, and a mature attitude to the responsible job that they have been honoured with.