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CPC Week 3: Hacks trying to take our videos, Holme ATM gone

SLS cold calling for board too. It's been a weird week.

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Some hack is trying to take a recording of their hackery off the internet. In 2015, Honi recorded a bunch of gronks at the National Union of Students National Conference in a mass physical altercation. The stoush occurred after the far-left Socialist Alternative group tried to prevent Unity (Labor right) from leaving the room, after a squabble about a motion on Palestine.

After remaining untroubled on Youtube for over a year, our video has now been the subject of a ‘privacy complaint’. Ironically, the frame that supposedly contains the privacy violation, two seconds into the video, only shows a person’s back. Hardly identifiable and in any case, not in breach of the policy. Perhaps Unity no longer want to be identified as ‘representative swill’ — the Keating quote on the back of their shirts – though that seems unlikely. It’s more plausible that someone is trying to protect their future career in politics/advocacy/constructing offshore gulags from any blowback.

Youtube will adjudicate the complaint based on their privacy policy. Stay tuned.



The ATM outside the Holme building is gone. Coincidentally, Jack Whitney, who listed “more ATMs on campus” as among his policies, recently resigned from the board of the University of Sydney Union, which removed the ATM. We’re not arguing that Whitney was forced off board on account of his pro-ATM agitation, we’re just saying…

USU President Michael Rees told Honi that the ATM was removed following a number of attempted robberies. No word on whether Sam Kwon, who replaced Whitney on board (and tellingly, did not list “more ATMs on campus” as one of his policies) was involved in those. It’s similarly unclear whether the USU will opt for another Commonwealth ATM or one from another provider. An ATM that charges fees for all users would be a tempting prospect for the USU, but bad for students.

Note: Sam Kwon did not actually steal an ATM. Probably.
Note: Sam Kwon did not actually steal an ATM. Probably.


Board rumours continue to bubble away. As with last year, when James Gibson came out of nowhere as the Sydney Labor Students (Labor left) candidate for union board, we hear that the faction is approaching non-members to encourage them to run. All students with twenty friends willing to campaign are encouraged to contact Isabella Pytka or James Gibson to find out more about the position, unless you have less than 150 likes on your DP, in which case, sorry.