St Paul’s warden Ivan Head to retire

Head has been the warden of St Paul's for 22 years

St Paul's College.

Following recent sexism scandals, the warden of St Paul’s College, Ivan Head, is set to retire at the end of the year, while chairman of the college council Angelo Hatsatouris has retired, effective immediately.

In a letter sent on June 6 addressed to the residents of Paul’s, the college council announced both resignations.

Head, who has served since December 1994, has come under fire in recent years for his inaction on issues of institutional sexism and hazing in the college.

Most recently, his response to a leaked Facebook post by a Paul’s student calling women “harpooned whales” was primarily to warn students of the possible future effects of such posts on their CVs, saying, “Some things may resurface just when you need your best CV to work for you.”

St Paul’s was the only college not to join the Elizabeth Broderick-led review of college culture when it was established last year.

According to the letter, however, “the Council is engaging with the University to seek the opportunity for the College to participate in the of colleges at the University of Sydney being undertaken by Elizabeth Broderick & Co.”

The letter informs students that the Council is also in the process of reviewing the governance of the college; it notes that “the size and composition of the Council, and the means by which appointments to Council are made, require reform.”

The last amendment to the act governing the college was made in 1857.

The letter informed students that Anglican Reverend Andrew Sempell will act as chairman while the Council seeks to appoint a new permanent chair.