Heat not officially declared elected due to outstanding complaint

The complaint was not lodged by rival ticket, Mint.

A mysterious figure takes aim at Heat for Honi. But will they strike true?

Students’ Representative Council (SRC) Electoral Officer Paulene Graham has told Honi she has not officially declared Heat for Honi elected as an appeal that may result in their exclusion has been lodged.

Heat decisively won the Honi Soit ballot by the numbers, securing 1947 votes to rival ticket Mint for Honi’s 1137.

However, Graham told Honi this morning that an appeal against one of her rulings related to Heat’s conduct in the election has been lodged.

The party responsible for lodging the appeal is calling for Heat to be excluded from the Honi election.

The appeal will go to the Electoral Legal Arbiter (ELA), the same person responsible for affirming Graham’s decision to exclude 17 Grassroots tickets earlier this election.

Graham believes it unlikely the ELA will be able to hear it until mid-next week.

Graham did not provide details about the complaint, except to say that it was not lodged by Mint.

Honi has contacted Heat, but they were unable to comment on the matter.

More to come.