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University investigating lecturer after racist rant

The rant implicitly attacked Chinese international students.

Image from Facebook

In a recording uploaded to Facebook page “USyd Rants 2.0,” Phill Horne, a lecturer in ‘Project Scope, Time and Cost Management,’ a civil engineering subject, is heard engaging in a Sinophobic rant about the current COVID-19 situation and its origins. Horne said, “we’re all going to get paid but you know, we’re not going to achieve our deliverables. So who knows what’s gonna happen. So interesting times ahead.” After voicing his concerns about the supposed administrative issues regarding the University-wide ceasing of face-to-face classes, Mr. Horne’s rant went on a peculiar tangent. 

He said that the consumption of “wild Indigenous animals [such as] a tiger, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, cat of any form or sort, pandolin or a bat” had no scientific benefits for sexual prowess. This claim had no relevance to the content of Mr. Horne’s class. 

The SRC condemned Mr. Horne’s rant, saying that “these comments not only hurt Chinese students in the immediate University of Sydney community, but also perpetuate problematic right-wing talking points, which blames ordinary Chinese people for this crisis.”

Horne also commented briefly on the genetics of penis size, suggesting “if you have a small penis, that’s what you got. Accept it. You’re either born with one, or you’re not. Tough luck. Leave our wildlife alone.” 

When asked about the matter, a University spokesperson said, “we are aware of the video and are investigating. The health and welfare of our staff, students and community remains our highest priority. If any of our students have been affected by this video, we urge them to call our helpline on 1900 793 457.”

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