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Lady Newtown’s guide for the respectable share house stoner

Learn stoner etiquette in 3 easy steps!

Art by Fergus Berney-Gibson

Whether you’re living in an overpriced terrace or you’re smoking out the window of your parent’s house, there are many things you can do to become a more considerate stoner.

Regular stoners might be nose blind, but they most definitely still stink (especially to non-smokers and asthmatics.) Bongs, pipes and cones are great, but they are very pungent; not the best option in a less tolerant household. Vapes are a discreet stoner’s best friend, but if you’ve built up a high tolerance, they’ll be less effective and hit you slower. Make sure to clean your equipment frequently. Give those babies a dip in rubbing alcohol every once in a while (your lungs will thank you later). And clean up after yourself, too — avoid leaving your filthy paraphernalia out in communal spaces.

Don’t smoke inside unless you’re in a well-ventilated area or unless your housemates don’t care. It’s best to smoke outside when you can; we’ve all seen the pictures of walls that have been exposed to long-term smoking (bye-bye, bond!). If you live in a sharehouse, it’s important to be open with your housemates and figure out everyone’s tolerance. It’s not just housemates you should consider — some concerned neighbours may threaten to report you, and some considerate landlords may threaten to evict you. If your housemates and neighbours are uncompromising, it may be time to find a more stoner-friendly residence.

Etiquette can sometimes be tricky and awkward to navigate for stoners, but it’s a must if you live in a shared space. So mind your manners dearies!

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, just a simple recreational enjoyer of cannabis.

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