2022 SRC faction profile: Artistry for SRC

Honi's profile on SRC Council ticket, Artistry for SRC.

Art by Sam Randle.

Quiz score: 55%
Represented by: Alexander Poirier

Current USU Board Director Alexander Poirier (Unity) is running on and managing Artistry, a burgeoning coalition of Conservatorium students. Artistry inherits Ignite’s 2021 platform, seeking to advance the interests of Con students and expand to other Arts students.

Poirier’s rationale for Artistry’s campaign is that SRC representation has “been really helpful in getting us more involved with the [student-staff] strikes, ensuring that these voices are heard and we’re able to collaborate a lot more”. 

When questioned on his ties to the Labor Party, Poirier contended that “no party is perfect” and credited Labor for opening the “first Conservatorium in the British empire”. 

However, when quizzed on NSW Labor’s backing of anti-road blocking laws in March, Poirier was willing to call NSW Opposition Leader Chris Minns out. He condemned Minns’ support of Perrottet’s anti-protest laws earlier in the year as “hypocritical” and suggested it undermined the right to organise.

Poirier categorically ruled out any partnership with the Liberals, including ‘Libdependent’ tickets who are Liberals under the guise of independents: ”We will not be making deals with the Libs. That’s not happening.”  

Overall, Artistry’s pitch is one primarily oriented towards Conservatorium and arts students’ interests; whether they might repeat Ignite’s success last year remains to be seen. 

Disclaimer: Zara Zadro was, until recently, a member of Switch. She was not involved in any of our election coverage.