Students Representative Council, University of Sydney - Tax Help Volunteers Needed
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UniGate Week 12

All the rumours, hearsay, and downright slander from the world of student
politics and culture

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Reporter Awards!

Honi Soit celebrates the published works that defined the paper this year, and the reporters who made them possible

Conservatives Conference
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UniGate Week 11 – USU and courts, student athletes gone wild, glitter banned from Glitter Gala, Senate election, USU spam

Sue me? Sue the USU! Raue v Morris wasn’t the only court proceeding concerning the USU last Thursday. A keen-eyed Twitter follower (@Apolden) noticed that at the same time Justice Button heard Raue’s application for an injunction, Acting Justice Windeyer of the Equity Division of the Supreme Court was hearing Shakespearean Mark Anthony Productions (NSW)…