Lyra Talise is a student and a sex-worker. These are the online profiles she uses and the clients they attract.


The girl with the single mind:

This is me.  I’m a bubbly girl with no discernible identity, a university student studying… well, something.  My name is exotic—like my skin!—but not specifically exotic.  It’s pretty and easy to type, and easy to forget.

Like me.

You’ll message me because you like what you see.  Which is two photos of my breasts.  They tell you that I have lingerie, and that I have nice breasts.

I have nice breasts!

You’ll meet me, because I’m a bubbly exotic university student with nice breasts, who will charge you $250 to go down on me for an hour, and promise to enjoy it.

I will enjoy it—of course!

I’ll enjoy it to the tune of $250.

(Unless you’re really good.  Then I’ll enjoy that too.)

The girl with the overheating brain:

This is also me.

This time, I’m a sexy, submissive university student.  I’m still studying…something.  But it’s obviously real because I’ve been working really hard.  Really hard.  So hard my brain is overheated, and I need a break!

(Winky face.)

Specifically, a break where you, a naturally dominant man, tie me up, or spank me—         or one of us dresses up like a schoolgirl.  Or all three.

And even more specifically, a break where each hit or restraint puts me that much more over $250.

The photo is nice, but sort of immaterial.  You’ll message me because I’m a prim well-spoken girl with a dirty mind. You’ll meet me because I promise to enjoy being called a slut by a stranger.

And I will enjoy it!  You’re paying for it, after all.

The real deal (no, seriously):

This is also me.  It’s just that this me is a lot more… well, me.

I’m not an escort, I’m a courtesan.  I don’t provide sex, I provide companionship.  I’m intelligent and sophisticated, and if you tell me your favourite street in Florence I’ll tell you mine.  I’m a university student, and I’m doing real majors at a real university, and Honours in a real subject.  I even have a thesis, and I’ll tell you just enough about it (over a bottle of champagne) that you find my maturity arousing.

When we get into the bedroom, I’m your loving girlfriend (or, for an extra $150, your obedient submissive). And it’s authentic, because I stipulate that the money I took from you is for my time and not my services.  It’s a donation, not a payment.

A non-negotiable donation starting at $450 for an hour of my time.

What can I say?  I’m worth it.

About me:

When I’m not playing your sophisticated dinner companion and sensual lover, I’m wearing granny panties and sports bras under yoga pants while procrastinating instead of doing university work. I found myself in the murky and fascinating world of sex-work at the age of 19. I stick around for the alcohol.

*Names have been changed.