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Uncle Rhys’ Secret Potato (Chip) Salad

Alexandros Tsathas on his family’s proudest recipe.

Uncle Rhys was a character. Always had a story to tell; one week a fisticuff with the local pharmacist over too-frequent planogram changes, the next, his scheme to torpedo FlowerPower. Uncle Rhys would always serve this salad when we visited him with mum. “The secret…”, he’d boom as he rustled out the last of the chips from their packet, “…is just that!”. He was referring to the way the different chip varieties are indistinguishable when tossed together, so the lucky salad-muncher is always in for a surprise!

Uncle Rhys was always very protective of his recipe; it took some convincing before he finally passed it on. I’ve since made it countless times, and I can’t help but feel as though he purposely left something out – just so that no one could make it like he did. When I put this to Uncle Rhys, he agreed – “Damn straight there’s something left out… a liberal sprinkling of ol’ Uncle Rhys’ loving”. Oh Uncle Rhys.

Uncle Rhys’ Secret Potato (Chip) Salad

Serves 60.

Prep time: 93 seconds.

Cooking time: n/a.


170g Crinkle Cut Original (salted) Potato Chips (Uncle Rhys always used Smith’s “Share Pack” range).

170g Crinkle Cut Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips.

170g Crinkle Cut Cheese & Onion Potato Chips.

French Fries to garnish.


Step 1_1

1. Take a large mixing bowl.

Step 2_1

2. Empty the original chips into the bowl.

Step 3_1

3. Whilst stirring the contents of the bowl, slowly add the salt & vinegar chips.

Step 4_1

4. Whilst stirring the contents of the bowl, slowly add the cheese & onion chips.

Step 5_1

5. Toss the salad using fingertips—take care not to snap the chips. Uncle Rhys actually preferred the “stir-fry” method of tossing (see pictures).

Step 6_1

6. Garnish with French Fries as desired.

Step 7_1

7. Enjoy shocking your friends as they try to discern chip flavours!


  • For a gluten free alternative, substitute potato chips with kale chips.
  • Find your combo! Mix different chip flavours, textures and brands to create a signature blend.
  • Grain Waves are a great alternative for those wanting to boost their wholegrains.