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World Reaches ‘Peak Meme’

Oliver Moore is not a geoscientist

Fears were raised at a conference for the Society for Meme Conservation today that what experts have dubbed “peak meme” may have been reached earlier than expected.

The fears come following a week in which meme prices have been described as “absolutely ridiculous” and “completely unreasonable”. Reports released this week showed the average family of four is spending more than a quarter of their income on filling up their mememobile.

Some commentators have blamed this price spike on major meme outlets draining humor supply to waste on low quality or short-lived memes. However the faceless figure behind one such outlet, Bernie Sander’s Dank Meme Stash, dismissed these claims as “preposterous”.

Others have called for stricter regulation on meme sourcing and production, citing concerns that corporations are not following ethical procedures in these areas.

Special attention here has been drawn to child labor laws, with some reports claiming that children as young as twelve have been forced into meme production.

A spokesperson for the Society for Meme Preservation stated that “peak meme” will occur by 2020, and added that some experts fear it may have already taken place.