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Welcome to the 2016 Faculty Revue Season

Mary Ward, Victoria Zerbst & Naaman Zhou are getting hyped up for the revue season. Buy Tickets! You should ALL buy tickets! See these real shows!

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#BREAKING: Original Commerce Revue Titles Revealed

Mary Ward on the revue season’s insider naming controversy.

As revue titles were announced last week, the question on everyone’s lips was: “What the fuck, Commerce Revue?”

The skit night had departed from its previous musical theme to adopt the title ‘The Rise and Fall of Bliss Industries’ however, leaked photos reveal that the title was not the troupe’s first choice.

Coming off the back of 2015’s revue ‘Guys and Dollar Bills’ and its predecessors ‘Moolah Rough’ and ‘Les Biz’, the pictures show various musical-themed titles were considered, with ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Brexit’ earning the highest popular vote.

When asked about the pictures, as well as the red stains that appear to be present on the papers, Commerce Revue declined to comment.

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