The secret garden(s)

While away an afternoon that you should be spending in a lecture at one of these secret spots on campus.

A photo of the rooftop of the Education Building

In the wake of our beloved jacaranda tree’s death, a hole has been left in the hearts of many. I went in search of a few underappreciated locations on campus in the hope of scouting out a new icon that will earn the affection of the masses.

A photo of the Anderson Stuart Courtyard, viewed through an upper window.

Anderson Stuart Courtyard

Encircled by an endless sandstone staircase, this courtyard epitomises the grandeur and pretension of USyd architecture. The abrupt presence of palm trees and ferns at its centre allow for a zen urban jungle experience.

Photo of the Fisher tennis courts viewed behind some trees

Fisher Tennis Courts

Court-side picnic area beside what seems like the kind of secluded country club you’d find in rural NSW.


Nanoscience Building

Bridging the millennial divide — 20th-century architecture meets it’s 21st-century opposition. This space is like the peace offering that stands between. The perfect place to sit, eat and miss the first twenty minutes of your lecture, as I did all of last semester.

Photo of a couch outside the Education Building.

The Couch, the Square

A temporary set up by USyd drama students, oriented towards viewing brick stairs rather than the Square’s football field. Commenting on the ongoing battle between sport and the arts? (Also a sweet opportunity to replicate the Friends theme song.)

Photo of the greenhouse in Carslaw

The Greenhouse, Level 5 Carslaw

A greenhouse with not too much greenery — seems like someone might be keeping it free for when ‘medicinal’ marijuana is legalised. Quick USyd — better fill it up before students start to question its true purpose as a ‘medicinal’ marijuana plantation.

A photo of the rooftop of the Education Building

Education Building Rooftop, Level 6

Conflicted between its former life as a spaceship launch pad or an altar to an unknown God, this cylindrical brick haven provides a 360-degree outlook on its surrounds. Ideal for a chill rooftop hang out, or a potench party location.

A photo of the Vice Chancellor's garden

Vice Chancellor’s Garden

This semi-secluded space can be found behind the Quadrangle. A quiet place to hang out, best enjoyed in the dappled light of mid-morning.

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