What’s on this week according to that guy who always wears suits in your tutorials

He knows his suit costs the same as four months of your rent.

Guy in suit

Staff strikes
When: Wednesday September 13, all day
Where: USyd
Price: Free/what the uni wishes staff would work for

Oh, there’s a staff strike? Great, that works perfectly, my boss invited me to a luncheon in the city with some of the regional managers at our firm so now I’ll be able to go. They often get out the company card for a few Wagyu sandwiches at this amazing penthouse restaurant in the city. What wage increase are they after again? Just above inflation? Oh wow, once I hit two years at the old firm, they double my pay.

Benjamin Law: Sexuality, Schools and the Media
When: Wednesday September 13, 7pm
Where: Seymour Centre
Price: Full $25 | Concession $20

Now I’m not just talking about this event because the dude’s last name is the same as the name of my course – oh yeah, I transferred into law this year, not sure if I mentioned it already. But yeah, this talk is put on by the Sydney Writers’ festival, and seeing as I’ve been hitting KPIs left, right and centre, I thought I’d treat my brain to a little rest and relaxation.

Honi debate
When: Thursday September 14, 11am
Where: Manning Bar
Price: Your non-hack status

Yeah I’ve always been a big fan of these sorts of leftwing echochamber events. I don’t have to tell you that I have a few opinions myself [laughs]. Never really been a fan of the paper if I’m honest, they always seem to have some sort of vendetta against people like me for some reason. But I haven’t got work til that afternoon so I’ll drop by. Maybe get a few more BNOCs on my LinkedIn.

SUDS: And then there were none
When: September 13 – 15 and 20 – 22, 7pm
Where: Holme Building
Price: SUDS $3 | ACCESS $5 | Concession $7 | Adult $10

I can’t say I’ve had much time to get around to the theatre since my dad got me the gig at the firm this semester but I might have to make an exception here. I saw several of the cast members promoting it on Facebook while dressed in suits and that is something I can definitely get into. It’s set in Devon actually, which is near a farm my family owns. Lovely landscape.

Italian Society attends Italian Film Festival
When: Saturday September 16, 8.30pm
Where: Palace Cinemas, Leichhardt
Price: $18

I managed to get a bit of time off last year to travel Europe. I ended up just absolutely falling in love with Italy: the wine, the Roman history, the food. I personally didn’t really enjoy the films – most of them weren’t in English and who can be bothered to read subtitles? But this cute girl from one of my law tutes – did I tell you I transferred into law? – is going so I won’t be missing this for the world or, as the Italians say, il mondo.