Deep Tea Diving: Week 3, Semester 2

Sips tea.

Rebooting the revolution-ALP style

After a brief flirtation with the far left, NLS (Labor Left) has come back to the ALP fold: on Thursday last week, they signed a deal to work with Centre Unity (Labor Right) for the upcoming SRC elections. The two factions will work with the Independents and will run Adriana Malavisi (Unity) as their presidential candidate. Rumour has it that they’ll run on ‘Reboot’ branding, promising a more services-oriented SRC. Malavisi is currently SRC vicepresident and has made services provision a priority during her time in office. Her flagship event was last week’s ‘Welfare Week’, a three day education campaign about student support services. The event itself was a success—no thanks to Malavisi’s organisation skills, according to some. Highlights include a mad dash up to Newcastle the night before to pick up a forgotten pair of marquees. Just a fortnight ago, NLS was said to be on the brink of joining forces with Grassroots and Socialist Alternative. Though that ship has sailed, the Groots dream is still alive: after an unopposed preselection, Lara Sonnenschein will be the bloc’s presidential nominee.

Making an Honi-sized splash?

There’s been some aquatic noise coming out of Honi land. So far, only one ticket looks set to contend this year’s election. But early this week, MeCo personalities Haydn Hickson and Abbey Lenton have been dropping hints about something involving splashes, stupol and Honi. On Monday, Hickson’s Facebook story read: “Keen to make a SPLASH on Wednesday”. Nominations for the Honi election close on Wednesday. A coincidence perhaps? But there’s more: on Monday afternoon, Lenton was spotted doing a photoshoot knee-deep in the Victoria Park pond, garbed in a lifejacket. And then the Facebook page USyd Fashion Police posted a version of the ‘confused maths lady’ meme with the words: “Stupol hacks trying to figure out who’s running for Honi like….” Accompanying the meme was the caption: “Who’s making a SPLASH this season?” Could Splash for Honi be imminent? Or is this an elaborate troll? Lenton and Hickson have known Honi ambitions: both ran on last year’s unsuccessful ticket, Mint. They currently serve on the SURG exec and report for Pulp, with Hickson also working a media job at MTV. If there is a ticket, its other members are so far unknown. In fact, the only certainty is that its branding will be eerily similar to that of 2017’s editorial team, Wet.

MADSOC is mad

This weekend, the Movement and Dance Society held their 2018 major production Chronos to great fanfare and accolade. Some punters over at Pulp weren’t quite so impressed, publishing a harsh and questionable review. “Professional dance showcases are full of the same type of body—the stock standard ‘perfect dancer’ physique,” the reporter wrote. “As a student production, there are a wide variety of body types, compositions and heights, which works to the benefit of the show, and reminds the audience that this is an all-amateur ensemble.” The MADSOC executive are said to be extremely unimpressed by the write-up, and are considering penning a letter in response. The writer in question originally auditioned for the production and was accepted—but was only included in a handful of dances. They later dropped out of the show, for their own reasons.