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Bettina Arndt’s dating tips

Fed up with "woke" dating advice, Arndt offers her own advice for university students looking for love.

bettina arndt ladies' corner Alleged "woman" Bettina Arndt.

This week, top Australian psychologist pest Bettina Arndt was outraged to find out that Griffith University had released a list of dating tips including “you have the right to say no to a date”. The Rodent invited Arndt to share her own dating tips for students.

  1. Too many students are chasing skinny Timothée Chalamet looking twinks these days! Little wonder they’re unlucky in love. Ladies, find yourself a man you know could easily physically overpower and kill you, then bask in his mercy of choosing not to.
  2. Sydney Uni hipsters are obsessed with their incestuous “polycules”. Shame! Young people need to get back to traditional marriage: a loving bond between a wife, husband and his secret sexy secretary.
  3. This one’s for the Women’s skankz, yo! If you want to nab yourself a Paul’s boy try what they’ve been doing for years: roofies! He’ll be falling (and vomiting) over you in no time.
  4. Always remember to clean the sand out of your crusty pussy. I learnt too late :’(.
  5. Unimpressive person? Are you Not in Education, Employment, or Training? Don’t be afraid to make shit up and lie to your root.
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