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Film buff quickly lowers Letterboxd score for Parasite after Oscar win

“Bong Joon-Ho is a fucking sellout.”

parasite letterbox Chang's updated review.

Insufferable film nerd Wuyi Chang has rushed to change his Letterboxd review for Parasite from five stars to one after it won the Academy Award for Best Picture. 

The once glowing review, which commended the movie for its sharp direction and enjoyable performances, now begins with the zinger “Parasite? More like Para-shite.” 

“I only enjoy kinos, or cinema,” Chang told The Rodent, “and Parasite is most definitely a movie.”

The film took home three other awards at last week’s ceremony, making director Bong Joon-ho the first ever to win four Academy Awards for a single movie, and another addition to the long list of directors Chang thinks is “just ok.”

“Even Endgame would have been a more deft choice,” his  review reads. “Thanos’ ball sack chin had more interesting things to say about class than this shlock.”

Chang’s review further  describes the film, which has been lauded by critics and audiences alike for its unflinching depiction of class oppression in late capitalist society, as a “shallower attempt at social commentary than that Kylie Jenner Pepsi commercial. At least that had some balls.”

When asked for his top pick for Best Picture, Change responded: “I don’t know, Yesterday? Yeah, that was good.”

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