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Must-watch upcoming pandemic movies

In cinemas, sooner than you'd think.

Quarantine at Bernie’s

Jim is an unsuccessful actor coasting through life living with his novelist friend, Bernard. When Bernard dies due to the virus, Jim is ready to move on — until he finds out Bernard has been shortlisted for the Nobel Prize for Literature, and the $1.5 million cash prize it comes with. Jim quickly becomes embroiled in a web of deception as he uses the cloak of quarantine to mask Bernard’s death and make off with the prize.

Catching Feelings

Stuck in a boring job as a record label agent, an unhappy marriage, and a dysfunctional family, Susan doesn’t expect things to change — until the day she finds herself stranded in New York on a business trip due to the travel ban. Unable to return home, she stays with the young, bohemian artist she had been trying to sign, and in their friendship, rediscovers a joy she didn’t know she’d lost.

Stuck in this Joint

It’s the day before lockdown begins, and stoner teens Kyle, Dylan, and Jason want to make sure they’re well stocked for the months ahead. Unfortunately, so does every other teen in town, and their quest to get high quickly derails. Overcoming parents, teachers, and bullies, the group prepare themselves for the long months ahead and face up to their teenage insecurities.

The Spree 

Closet serial killer Josh Paul is having the worst year of his life. The pandemic has disrupted his daily routine, and it has been almost four months since his last kill. Finally, after the quarantine has been lifted, Josh plans to go out in the world and satiate his bloodthirst. But things don’t go according to plan when he finds himself competing with another killer on the prowl. 

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