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Studies in Religion to be replaced with CathSoc major

Thou shall think critically!

In a “major restructure,” the University of Sydney has announced that Studies in Religion will be replaced by a new major designed by the Catholic Society.

“Here at the University, we value this higher-order skill called critical thinking,” a spokesperson told The Boot. “We’re confident the Catholic Society will pose thought-provoking questions to spark productive and constructive dialogue.”

The new major will include subjects such as “Fetal Feminism” and “Children’s Anatomy.” 

When asked for comment, the Dean of Arts — now Artsbishop Annamarie Jagose after being baptised in Victoria Park Pond — said she was excited to see her students experience a “world-class prayerful education.”

“Keep an eye out for Theology Thursdays, fish and chips catered lunches and political football games!”