USU Board candidates 2021: Joe Fidler

Honi's profile and interview with 2021 USU Board candidate Joe Fidler.

Slogan: A Return of Decency on Campus

Colour: Beige

Quiz score: 11%

Faction: None

Joe Fidler is a ‘fiercely independent’ candidate, with a slew of policies that are sure to make anyone opposed to capitalism or concerned about the state of the environment quake. Whilst perceived as a ‘joke candidate’, Fidler maintains that there is no evidence to support such a claim — fervently clinging to the call to “bring back the BNOC” to USyd. With an outlook as refreshing as the mocktails that he made during his interview, Fidler’s campaign is centred around the return of decency, captured by his choice of campaign colour, beige.

Gone are the days of trite policies! Fidler is a man of enterprise, with the introduction of a classy USyd uniform at the top of his plan of action. But if wide-brimmed hats, polo shirts and velcro shoes aren’t quite your style, Fidler is also concerned with bringing class to USU food and beverage establishments, promising lobster pizza and Veuve Clicquot at Courtyard. Although his proposal to frack the historic University of Sydney Quadrangle has raised some environmental and ethical concerns, he argues that such are mitigated by the potential for considerable economic gain. In sum, take the policies of yesteryear, make them bigger, better and more expensive, and you have this campaign!

Fidler has no experience in campaign politics, and his quiz results also reveal a severe lack of institutional knowledge. However, a man that views Hamilton as one of USyd’s identity campaigns is a man after the hearts of the people. Fidler offers a fresh outlook, unhampered by experience and knowledge, and is definitely one to watch this campaign period.