Best Cheap Feeds Around Campus

How to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank

Ralph Cafe’s chicken kebab with potato wedges and spicy mayo sauce.

Whether you like the vibes of Wentworth’s food court or the fancy atmosphere of Courtyard, there are plenty of ways to satisfy your food cravings on campus! Here is my guide to some of the best foods in each budget category. Please be advised that this list is based on the preference of the author and does not include all available outlets on campus. 

Best $5 feed

Uni Bros – Beef and Onion Pide $6 

Although this may not be under $5, it was one of the cheapest feeds you can find on campus (if it helps, access members can get one for $5.50)! It was very similar to a pizza, however it had the dough all the way around.  Freshly toasted and served with a lemon wedge, there were plenty of topping options like spinach and cheese, turkish sausage and chicken and cheese. 

And as a bonus, you will get the friendly treatment of Uni Bro’s staff — who doesn’t love being called a boss!? 

Rating: 9/10

Best $10 feeds 

Ralph’s Cafe – Chicken Kebab $10 

This was a toasted wrap of chicken thigh kebabs with lettuce, tomato, onions. Despite the lettuce being a bit warm, it tasted delicious and was surprisingly filling! You also have the choice to accompany it with wedges for $3 extra. We found the wedges to be extra thick, which made it super filling at the expense of its crispness. 

Rating: 8.5/10

Courtyard Restaurant – Pasta of the day $10 

You get a differing dish depending on the day, however you can always rely on a generous serving and the option of adding extra toppings! When we went, the dish was a penne pasta with red sauce and sausages; it was a heart-warming dish on a rainy day. The tomato flavour was rich and there was a slight spice to the sausages which was great! 

Rating: 8/10

Uni Bro’s – Doner Kebab $10 

You can’t go wrong with a doner kebab. Featuring a toasted Lebanese bread filled with shredded meat. We tried it with a little mayo sauce which blended everything together. We highly recommend you to go for the extra-charged Tabouli, which is a traditional Lebanese topping consisting of chopped coriander and tomato. Other options are chicken or mixed kebab. 

Rating: 7.5/10

Best $15 feeds

Parma Cafe – Beef Burger/Chicken with chips $12  

The burger had a nice chargrilled flavour, and cooked medium rare which was a nice touch compared to other (often over-sizzled) burgers. The chips were fluffy and we were pleasantly surprised that they also came with complementary tomato sauce! The burger by itself was 10 bucks, so technically it could have featured in the $10 feeds too (but let’s be honest, why would you get a burger and not chippies?). 

Rating: 9/10

Little Asia – Rice and two choices $13 

We tried the beef and black bean sauce and spicy pork. Although the sauces overwhelmed most of the rice, it was a generous serving and the meat was very flavoursome. You can also get the rice with one choice which costs around $10. Overall, this place serves some different tastes to the rest of the food stores so make sure you give them a try! 

Rating: 8/10

Jewel of India – Two curry meal $10.9 / Butter Chicken and Beef Vindaloo 

If you fancy some curry, make sure you give Little India a go. Their butter chicken was sweet,tender and had a fair amount of chicken pieces. The serving size was generous. We also added on some garlic naan for an extra few dollars which was a nice way to deal with the leftover curry. Totally value for money!

Rating: 8/10


Next time you are looking for a feed on campus, come back to this guide and try one out! Also, if you are a USU access member you can get 10 per cent off most of these prices (except at Ralph’s Cafe). If you have any thoughts on the above foods, or have suggestions for other foods in the future, we would love to hear your feedback. Bon appetit!