Award Winners – SURVIVAL – 2022 Honi Soit Writing Competition

Congratulations to this year's prize winners!

This year, we received 92 entries across both categories for the Honi Soit Writing Competition. The winners were announced on 23 August at Verge Gallery.

A special thank you to Eda Gunaydin and Madeleine Watts, our non-fiction and fiction judges.


1st place: “Bad arguments” by Sophie Shead

2nd place: “Mother tongue” by Nicola Brayan

3rd place: “Terra Nulled” by Taylah Cooper

People’s Choice: “Gay, as in happy” by Kate Woodbury

Shortlist: “The dichotomy of exile and return” by Danny Yazdani


1st place: “Other lovers with queer names” by Abigail Ma

2nd place: “First edition” by Zoe Le Marinel

3rd place: “Bildungsroman interrupted” by Elizabeth Bourke

People’s Choice: “Over and over” by Nicola Brayan

Shortlist: “Even a doona can be cold to the touch” by Rachel Visontay

Shortlist: “Zingarella” by Thomas Fotiou

Shortlist: “Grit” by Lucy Bailey

Shortlist: “Skazka” by Heilok Cheng

Shortlist: “Warm dark” by Isaac Hogarth

Shortlist: “Cleanse” by Ava Broinowski