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They say Nguyen translates as musician or musical instrument so I concede perhaps my artistry belongs to my ancestors.

The stubbornness of wanting to become more than I could ever be has led me on my journey to study abroad in Australia. We always had a thirst to be different, but our desires always come at an expensive cost. 家,一直都會在的。家,一直會留在那一盒三十五塊的檸檬茶裏。

And the thread of a constellation hidden behind a sweet morning came when my eyes were full of last night’s dream beyond the mountains, what did I see like belonging and exile?

You know it’s not too late to change careers? Maybe music isn’t for you. Some people have special talents and got what it takes to become successful, but not you. With arrogance like that.

“he has something special to show me he’s holding a paper card in his hands shyly he shows me his scribbling it’s English on paper cards”

Malaysia: negaraku, ‘my country,’ merdeka, ‘independence’? Contrary. My post-colonialism? Postured: my decolonisation, postponed; my stamp, postage (RM0.60, apiece); my restante, poste; my rest, in peace; my ante, increased; my gender, policed …

For no reason at all, she thought about her youth. She remembered when couples slow-danced at the local hall and when it was so cold you could barely feel your feet and when parents took their children for ice cream near the water. For no reason at all, she thought about great big cargo ships and waves and tears.