Field Notes: Tasmanian East Coast

Honi explores having a sense of place (in the land down South).

Photography by Thomas Sargeant.

Tasmania has the kind of scenery that I never thought I could see in Australia. I travelled from Hobart to Freycinet over the winter break, and was greeted with a stunning array of landscapes. From the rocky waters and jagged cliffs of Coles Bay to the serenity of Freycinet National Park, I spent almost my entire trip with my jaw agape at Tasmania’s sprawling, natural beauty.

Devil’s Corner Cellar door at Apslawn, looking out onto Moulting Lagoon and Coles Bay.
Coastal cliffs by air, captured on a Freycinet Air scenic flight.
Coles Bay by sea. It’s hard to spot, but in the centre of the photo you can see an anchor in the cliff face left by rock climbers.
Sun-drenched banksia by Friendly Beaches.
Aptly-named Little Penguins spotted in Coles Bay.
Coastal formations off the East coast of the Freycinet Peninsula.