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SAlt releases feature-length response to Boss Baby franchise

The film is making waves among the nation's juvenile revolutionaries.

Image by Ellie Stephenson

In response to the critically-acclaimed Boss Baby franchise and recently released Netflix series The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib (2022), Socialist Alternative commissioned local film collective Prollywood to counter its bourgeois narrative.

In an interview with The End Times, Aggie T Prop explained that injecting the socialist narrative at an early age is essential to building class consciousness.

“Karl Marx recognised the malleability of human nature and like, modern science tells us we are most flexible at a young age,” said Prop.

“I think like, the narrative of Boss Baby is disgusting and teaches children to capitulate to like, the demands of capital from a young age.”

“The character Baby in Boss Baby eventually recognises that being a CEO is parasitic and like, vile, but he never takes the next logical step of becoming a revolutionary socialist and working towards, y’know, a general strike. His class consciousness was, shall we say, infantile”

“I think it’s just like, egregious, haha. That’s why we had to commission Worker Baby.”

Worker Baby follows the story of Leon Tedsky and his friend Vlad Bedtime, the friendly spectre of communism. Together the triumph over the bourgeois notion of revolution in one playroom. Other notable characters include the friendly playmate Frank N. File.

“We were really proud of the way that this film makes a political argument and invite any prospective USyd students to attend our debut screening at the Socialism Conference on 2 September.”