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2020’s most-read Honi articles

Covid, colleges and printed Gorman culottes

An excerpt from a pull-out poster edition in the last 2020 edition of Honi Soit.

1. First publicly confirmed case of COVID-19 at USyd

Nina Dillon Britton and Lara Sonnenschein
In March, Honi broke the story of the first case of COVID-19 at Sydney University before the University publicly announced it. Soon after, campus closed with many students still not returning to campus this semester. 

2. Vale Sam Langford, 1996-2020

Scoop for Honi
In May, former Honi editor and journalist, Sam Langford suddenly and tragically died. The obituary, penned by their co-editors from Scoop for Honi, began with a quote from an article they wrote in 2016 “Loss comes in many forms. Sometimes it creeps in quietly, unobtrusive until it is felt. Other times it comes in like a wrecking ball.” The Honi editors’ office is now named the Sam Langford Room.

3. Peacocking, for women (or why Gorman sucks)

Nina Dillon Britton
In a year of mass political upheaval, global pandemic and devastation to the Australian university sector, an article poking at beloved indy brand Gorman became one of Honi’s most liked, and disliked, articles. “Frumpy enough to fit into an office setting but garish enough to appear “quirky” and therefore substitute as a personality,” the article asserted, “Gorman dominates the wardrobes of young media professionals.”

4. Racism, sexism, hazing: New allegations surface over behaviour at St Andrew’s College

Nina Dillon Britton, Lara Sonnenschein and Madeline Ward
Though colleges and the University no doubt wanted to call USyd’s problem with residential colleges “fixed” after the 2017 Broderick Review, Honi exclusively reported on hazing rituals, and instances of sexism and racism at St Andrew’s College. Luckily for Drew’s, Honi was able to follow up the story with a much more positive one of the college experience for balance.

5. USU shutters Manning Bar

Nina Dillon Britton
Honi reported on the USU’s decision to close Manning Bar before its public announcement. The decision came prior to the arrival of coronavirus in Australia, USyd’s campus closure, or the USU’s decision to cut stuff later in the year. Instead, the closure followed years of decline, a symptom of dying campus life. Honi published homages to the iconic bar from Anthony Albanese, Charles Firth and Verity Firth, amongst many others.

6. University of Sydney to move to ‘no-disadvantage’ assessment system

Chuyi Wang
As campus shutdown and recession disrupted study in Semester 1, the University adopted a “no disadvantage” rule, giving wider exemptions for special consideration. The University also offered to provide a revised WAM on transcripts that would exclude marks from that semester, alongside the ordinary one.

7. General Secretary Abbey Shi censured by 92nd SRC, donates $50k in apology

Chuyi Wang
The censure of SRC General Secretary Abbey Shi after going missing for most of the year was  big stupol news. The appearance of Shi, half-way through the meeting, to apologise and announce a $50,000 donation was an iconic stupol moment.

8. USyd to delay Semester 2 by three weeks

Nina Dillon Britton and Lara Sonnenschein
In May, the University announced a delay to Semester 2 by three weeks, hoping to boost enrolment numbers. The strategy may have paid off. Despite the pandemic, the University reported small falls in student enrolment and an increase in revenue from last year.

9. Should we move to a pass/fail marking system this semester?

Lauren Lancaster and William Wright
As studies were disrupted by the move to online learning, two students faced-off over whether the University should move to a pass/fail system for marks. Wright argued that the system was necessary for struggling students, but Lancaster argued it was a “numbing exercise that will demotivate students and leave those struggling even further behind.”

10. Review: Room 2 Radio’s online nightclub

Chuyi Wang
Honi’s negative review of Room 2 Radio, an online nightclub complete with cheesy lines from patrons, bad music and a lack of social distancing, didn’t go down well with Sydney’s DJ set. Hardly our most formidable enemy this year, but their hate-reading did push this to the number 10 spot.

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