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Questions People Always Ask Identical Twins

Tim Jackson splits hairs over split zygotes.

Tim Jackson splits hairs over split zygotes.

1. Are you guys twins?

2. Are you identical?

3. Are you sure? You don’t look that similar…

4. How do I tell you guys apart?

5. What’s it like being a twin? How’s it different to being a normal person?

6. Can you feel when your brother is sad?

7. If I hit your brother, will you feel it?

8. Can I hit your brother?

9. My best friend’s cousins are also twins, do you know them?

10. Do you swap clothes?

11. Do you play pranks all the time?

12. Can your parents tell you apart?

13. Do you listen to the same music?

14. Do you guys have the same sized dicks?

15. How do you know you have the same sized dick?

16. Are you doing an arts degree? You’re such a disappointment.