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Things You Don’t Need

If you’re suffering from OWFOMO (O-Week Fear of Missing Out), I’m here to inoculate you. As you may know, the price of ACCESS cards has decreased from Utterly Bankrupting to I Guess I Could Lease An Organ Out. The benefit of buying a new ACCESS card this year was that I got to pick up…

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Campus dictionary

The who, what and why of campus groups you need to learn to love or hate (but probably hate). Illustrations by Madeleine Pfull.

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Welcome to Honi Soit 2014

To the first years hurriedly buying their entire textbook list, welcome to Honi Soit. In two weeks time, when you’re as disillusioned with the whole charade as the rest of us, we’ll be here for you. To those already accustomed to the droning whimper of university-life, welcome home. Two simple extensions, a kebab, and a…